Farm practices

Hi!  We're the Turnbough family.  We live in central Texas and raise all of our meat right here on our farm. Back in 2012, Laura was diagnosed with Hashimotos Hypothyroidism.  With a degree in nutrition, Laura knew that there had to be a better way to treat and manage her newly diagnosed condition. It was then that we decided that raising our own food was the way to go.  We knew that raising sustainable meats was not only the what we needed to do but we also wanted to share it with others. It's very important to us that not only are our animals treated well but only fed the best nutrient dense diet that we can provide them. This means only feeding them organic feed.  All of our animals are on certified organic pasture 365 days a year, foraging for fresh grass.  We only supplement our pigs and chickens with grain feed, because they're omnivores and need the protein, and that feed is always soy free, and organic.  Our cows enjoy fresh pasture to graze year round until they are harvested at approximately 2 years of age. We raise all of our broilers here and butcher them ourselves at approximately 8 weeks of age.  Please let us know if you have any question about us or our operation. We attend the Concho Valley Farmers Market in San Angelo, TX on Saturdays during the summer and do drop offs in San Angelo and Abilene, TX weekly.

Certified Organic

We are a certified organic through CCOF.  Our pastures as well as our broilers, layers, and cattle are certified. We felt it was an important

step to take to ensure the highest quality meat you can purchase. 

Grass Fed

We don't just stop at organic.  All our our animals are pastured and get 365 days of sunshine. We know that just being organic has it's limitations so we take it one step farther on our regenerative farm.  We consider ourselves beyond organic.  

All of our animals are grass-fed and finished.  This makes their meat much higher in fat soluble vitamins such as A, E, D, & K, and higher in ALA (an essential fatty acid.)


We treat all of our animals humanely.  In fact, we love our animals!  They are part of the family.  

We also appreciate each on them being raised to

give us their life so, we can have life.  That's something that we don't take lightly here

at Back 4T Farms!  All of our animals are given the opportunity to live their best life out on the farm.

Back 4T Farms | PO Box 610 | Eden, TX 76837