About Us

We're the Turnbough family.  We employ regenerative farm practices that are beyond organic. We started our little farm out in west Texas in 2015.  We moved to central Texas in 2020 to expand our operation. We currently raise laying hens that are housed in a mobile range coop that is moved daily to provide our hens fresh ground to scratch and bugs to eat. We only supplement our hens with soy free organic feed. We also raise broiler chickens that enjoy unlimited hours of sunshine and fresh grass. Our goal is to provide whole nutrient dense foods to as many people as we can.  We understand that commercial farming is failing us in America and set out to do our part and provide wholesome food to you and your family that you can feel good about. We also raise cows, goats, large black hogs, and plan to add sheep to our farm soon. We recently received Organic certification on our eggs, beef, and chicken.  We'll be certifying our hogs next year.  If you would like to purchase our products please visit our shop. Chicken and eggs cannot be shipped outside of Texas at this time.  If you would like to pick up your order from one of our drop off locations either in San Angelo or Abilene, TX please select pick up and which town (you will not be charged shipping.) We'll be glad to bring it to you on our drop off days. You can also find us at the Concho Valley Farmers Market in San Angelo, TX on Saturday's throughout the summer.  Be sure to stop by and say "hi!"


Back 4T Farms | PO Box 610 | Eden, TX 76837

Email: hello@back4tfarms.com